Spa error message: E96

The control box no longer functions and the display on the control panel shows the error message E96.

Possible causes

There is a system error in the control box. This is often caused by the fact that the spa was used and / or stored in a too low ambient temperature.



Switch off the control box

If the spa is installed in an ambient temperature always above 5 ° C .:

Switch off the control box and unplug the power cord.

Wait 30 seconds and plug in again and switch the device on again.

In some cases, the E96 error message has disappeared. In the other case, continue to the next step.


Allow the air to escape from the control box

Switch off the control box

Unscrew the caps of the connection "" B "" and "" C "" until the water comes out. In this way the air can escape from the control box.

Screw the caps back on

Switch the control box on again


Move the control box to a warmer location

If the spa was used or stored in an ambient temperature that is too cold:

Turn off the device and unplug it.

Place the supplied black caps on the inside of the tub on the water inlets and outlets so that the water cannot drain.

Disconnect the control box from the tub and place it in a heated room.

Wait for 12 hours so that the control box can reach room temperature.

Error message E96 has not disappeared

Register the problem online at the Intex Service center: After receiving the registration, the service will propose a suitable solution.