Error code 90 on my saltwater system.

1. Filter pump is not connected to the system and / or switched on.

Solution: Make sure the filter pump is

connected and working.

2. The water circulation in the cyclic setup is blocked.


• This is swimming pool dependent: open the valve.

• Clean the titanium cell and / or pump filter if necessary.

• Vent the swimming pool unit.

3. Incorrect connection of inlet and outlet hoses.

Solution: Connect the hoses properly if necessary

4. Stop on the flow sensor.

Solution: Thoroughly clean the flow sensor and especially the hinge.

5. The flow sensor cord is loose.

Solution: Securely fasten the cord.

6. Internal time conflict between filter pump and saltwater system.

Solution: Reset both time clocks on the filter pump and

salt water system.

7. The flow sensor may be broken.

Solution: Contact Intex Service via