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Spa control box does not start, no electricity

The control box cannot be started. The lights on the display on the control panel do not light up and the motor in the control box does not make any sound. In short, there is no electrical power on the device.

Possible causes

- The control box requires a minimum of 13 Amps to function. The circuits in most homes have 13 to 16 Amps. With an older or non-approved installation, that may be less so that no power is supplied to the device.

- The control box is protected by a differential switch (RCD or circuit breaker): this is the black box on the cable on the plug. This RCD may have jumped to safety because there is a problem with the electrical installation (loss of current, high voltage differences, ...) or may itself be defective.



Plug the plug of another electrical device into the outlet that you use for the control box. Check in this way whether there is indeed electricity at the socket.


Insert the plug of the control box into a socket that you are sure has power on. Check in this way whether the control box on this outlet starts.


The plug of the control box must always be plugged directly into a wall or wall outlet.

Check whether this wall or wall outlet is in good condition. It may be slightly rusted by moisture or worn out by use. With a heavy current load, this can cause overheating, causing the plug to melt. This problem is not caused by the control box but by the power outlet. In this case, the socket and plug of the control box must be replaced by a trained electrician.


Check in your electrical cabinet that the fuse of the circuit to which the control box is connected has not been blown out of safety.

Check that no other high-voltage devices are connected to the circuit to which the control box is connected.

Always plug the control box plug directly into a wall or wall outlet.


The use of an extension cable is not recommended.

However, if this is not possible, you must use a sufficiently heavy extension cable (minimum 3x2.5mm).

If you use an extension cable on a reel or roll, always ensure that the extension cable is fully unwound, so that overheating is avoided.


Test the RCD

The RCD (differential switch or circuit breaker) is the black container with the cable and plug.

- DO NOT use the Intex PureSpa if the RCD is not functioning properly.

- Test the RCD using the test procedure from the manual with your Intex PureSpa.

- If the RCD repeatedly jumps to safety or is defective, you will not receive any power on the device. I.e. that you do not hear any sound and see no light on the control panel. In that case, the RCD must be replaced. To do this, register the problem online at the Service Center of intex via www.intexsupport.be. After receiving the registration, the service will propose a suitable solution.