Spa error message: E97

The spa is no longer functioning and the display on the control panel shows the error message E97. Error message E97 indicates a problem with the flow of water in the control box. This makes the flow sensor safe.

Possible causes

- The control box has been exposed to too much sunlight and is overheated

- The control box was used in a too low ambient temperature (below 5 ° C), which means that the water in the pipes is frozen

- The water is too hard, which blocks the filter and the water flow is too low

- The heating system worked without water in the bath

- A specific fact sheet has been released in the control box



If the control box has become overheated, e.g. too much exposure to the sun's rays will move the spa to a cooler place. You can then switch the control box on again.


If the spa is set up in a place that is too cold (for example, in an ambient temperature that drops below 5 ° C at night), move it to a warmer place. Then you wait 8 hours for the control box to return to temperature and switch it on again. If you do not have a warmer place, you must store the spa (see guidelines for the winter storage guide).


Sometimes the water is too hard, which blocks the filter and the water flow is too low. In that case, clean the filter cassette and check whether the pH value of the water falls within the standards. If not, treat it with the right chemical products.


Never switch on the heating if there is no water in the tub. If you have done this by accident and this has caused a defect in the control box, please register the problem online at the Intex Service Center. After receiving the registration, the service will send you a quote for repair outside the warranty.


The E97 error message has not disappeared

It is possible that a certain record has come loose in the control box or the flow sensor in the control box is defective. If you use the PureSpa very intensively (eg also in the winter when the temperature drops below 5 ° C, which is actually not allowed), the chance that the sensor malfunctions is much greater. This problem can only be solved by the Intex Service Center. Register the problem online on this site ( After receiving the registration, the service will propose a suitable solution.