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Why are there holes in my swimming pool cover?

For safety reasons; if someone should end up under the pool cover, air will come in through the holes. These small holes prevent a large pool of water from getting on the pool cover. All Intex pool covers have these safety holes, except for the covers for the Family Swim Center Pools.

TIP 1: place a large beach ball (min. 60 cm) under the pool cover, creating a kind of pyramid. The rainwater then runs away from the side and not through the holes in the pool water. The sail will also flake less with a lot of wind.

TIP 2: a COLD PVC cover is difficult to fold and therefore difficult to apply to the swimming pool. Put it briefly in the sun to get a little warm. A WARM PVC cover is very delicate, especially on the welds. When using a warm pool cover that has been lying next to the bath all day in the sun, the sail will tear apart very easily. Therefore, if you have removed it from the pool, put the pool cover in the shade.